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Eze-Breeze® 101: The Definitive Guide To Eze-Breeze® Windows

Why did we write this guide?

We wanted to create a complete resource for both Do It Yourselfers and professional contractors to reference whenever they had any questions regarding the Eze-Breeze® window system. As an authorized PGT Eze-Breeze® dealer since 1999, we have had hands-on experience in thousands of sunrooms and want to provide that knowledge and experience for others to share!

Who is this guide for?

This guide is meant to help both the Do It Yourself enthusiast as well as sunroom industry contractors and installers.

Most folks looking to install these windows themselves are typically retrofitting an existing screen or open air porch. They are tired of the wind, rain, bugs, pollen, dirt, dust and the rest of the outdoors invading their living space. At the same time, they are comfortable enough with construction tools and materials to handle the installation of the windows on their own and do not need to hire any professional help to complete the project. By doing it yourself, you save time (orders ship in 12 business days), and money (ordering your materials direct from a distributor means no middle man to go through!) on your project.

For those that are building from the ground up, or who need assistance with enclosing an existing porch, we work with contractors all over the country who can provide you with this service. We also have lots of folks who will order their Eze-Breeze® windows directly from us and then simply hire a local contractor to professionally install the windows. This is a great way to keep your costs low!

What is Eze-Breeze®?

The term Eze-Breeze® refers to the brand name of the 3 season room enclosure product manufactured by PGT Industries of N. Venice, Florida.

PGT Eze Breeze Logo
Eze-Breeze® was created in 1980 as a product designed for people’s homes on Florida golf courses where golf balls were constantly breaking their glass windows! Folks needed a system that could protect their porches from the elements (and flying objects!) and still allow the breeze to flow through on hot summer days. All Eze-Breeze® panels are made of a 10-mil polyvinyl that is as clear as glass, but not nearly as heavy or susceptible to breaking. Unlike a plastic, or acrylic, the polyvinyl is a “memory material” in that it can be pushed, kicked, punched and distorted but will always return to it’s original shape. Various tints are available for the vinyl itself to help keep out glaring sunlight or provide privacy when needed. The frame that holds the panels in place is made of powder coated aluminum and is also available in multiple colors! As an alternative to glass windows,Eze-Breeze® windows offer many of the same benefits at 1/3 the cost! Eze-Breeze® Windows VS Glass
Eze Breeze Vs Glass Infographic

Eze-Breeze® products fall into 4 main categories:

The Vertical 4-track Window (4V60)

The Vertical 4-track window is by far the most popular Eze-Breeze® style. Consisting of 4 sashes, or “vents”, the Vertical 4-track window allows you raise or lower the panels vertically (up and down) along individual tracks. Each vent interlocks with the vent above, which means that you do not need to worry about reaching the uppermost vent, as the vents below it will “catch it” as you pull them down. The vents within the window can be collapsed to the top of the unit, suspended in the middle, or brought down to the bottom. Collapsing the vents into one section allows for 75% ventilation through the rolled-in screen. Each vent is also completely removable from the window itself via two thumb tabs located at the top of each vent. The maximum dimensions available for a single Vertical 4-track window are 54” wide x 113” tall. If your opening is wider than the allowable dimensions for a single unit, twin units (two windows joined together) are available up to 72” wide. For openings wider than 72”, we recommend using the Horizontal Slider.

The Horizontal Slider Window (SS10)

Made of the same materials as the Vertical 4-track window, the Horizontal Slider window contains two vents that slide horizontally (left and right) along individual tracks. Each vent slides on corrosion-free nylon rollers and allows for 50% ventilation through the rolled in screen. The vents are also removable from the window unit by simply lifting them up and out of the frame. Available up to 96” wide x 84” tall, Horizontal Sliders are a great way to enclose openings that are too wide for the Vertical 4-track window.

Standard Lip Frame (LF20) / Heavy Duty Lip Frame (HLF20)

To close in those smaller openings, the Eze-Breeze® fixed panel/transom is available. These units are non-operable (do not open for air flow) but do have the option of adding screens to keep the look of the room consistent if desired. These window units are meant to be used as transoms (such as above a door) or small side lites (typically seen next to doors). They are available as both rectangular shapes and trapezoidal shapes (LS20/HLS20) and have a minimum leg height of 4” tall. Fixed panels are not available as triangular shapes. To finish openings that are 3 sided, we recommend inserting additional framework into that opening to create a 4 sided shape that a fixed panel can be created for.

Standard Lip Frame is typically used for above doors and contains a ½” wide flange, while Heavy Duty Lip Frame is typically found above or below operable Vertical 4-track windows or Horizontal Sliders and contains a 1” wide flange to match the operable units.

The Cabana Door (CD90)

The Eze-Breeze® Cabana Door is the finishing touch to complete your porch enclosure. Pre-hung with no exposed screw heads or weather stripping, the Cabana Door comes standard with a factory installed threshold and includes a lock and deadbolt hardware set. The swing of the door (into or out of the room) and the hinge side (left or right) are customizable, and you can also choose your preferred Cabana Door style. The Vertical 4-track style comes with a Vertical 4-track window insert that matches the Vertical 4-track window. This insert operates exactly like the Vertical 4-track window and allows the door to be ventilated. The second available style is the Fixed Lite style. This style more closely resembles a traditional sunroom door and offers a full view through a fixed Eze-Breeze® vinyl panel. Because this door is not ventable, it does not contain screen. The standard door size is 36” wide x 80” tall, but can be customized up to 44” wide x 96” tall for an additional cost. Double doors, or “French style doors” are also available up to 88” wide x 96” tall.

Eze Breeze Products

Frame color options and Tint Choices:

All Eze-Breeze® products come in 4 distinct frame colors and 4 available vinyl tints at no additional cost:

Frame Color Options

Eze Breeze Frame Color Options

Tint Color Options

Eze Breeze Vinyl Options

Screen options

Standard screens (1814 charcoal fiberglass mesh) are included with Vertical 4-track windows, Horizontal Sliders and Cabana Doors. An upgraded screen known as BetterVue Screen is also available for an additional cost ($0.30/united inch). BetterVue screens are a tighter, thinner weave (2020 fiberglass mesh) than standard screens and offer clearer views through the material as the screen itself tends to fade from view as you look through it. It is also the recommended screen to use to keep out “no see-ums”, gnats, and other very small insects as it contains 30% smaller openings than standard screens. You can also order your windows with no screens included if you would like to keep your existing screens in place and install your windows from inside the porch.

How To Order

Ordering your Eze-Breeze® windows consists of 3 steps: Measure, Quote, Order

The Measuring Process

Once you have determined your mounting method, it is time to measure your openings. Eze-Breeze® windows are custom made to fit your individual opening sizes and you do not need to conform to any standard sizing (see minimum and maximum sizes below). You will be measuring for what is referred to as the rough opening or day light opening. This is the measurement between the inner sides of two posts. Keep in mind that when you measure you want to measure for the finished size of your posts. If you intend to wrap or trim a post, you will need to allow for the alteration in your measurements because it will change the size of your opening. You will need to measure each opening in six places (top, middle, bottom for both the width and height). Why 3 measurements? – As you will see when measuring, not every opening is completely square. You will need to measure in six places to determine the smallest width and height measurement of each opening. Our company will use the smallest measurements to customize your new window units.

How To Measure

Measure the width between the frame posts you will install the windows onto. The posts could be wood studs, aluminum posts or other existing vertical posts. They are what go from the floor to the ceiling and hold up the roof. Take three measurements. Make sure your measuring tape is level. You will take a measurement near the top, the bottom and in the middle of your opening. Record your smallest width measurement on your Eze-Breeze® Quote Form in item #1. Measure the height between the lowest point you will screw the bottom of the window unit to and the top framing member. Again, take three measurements, one near each end and one in the middle. Record your smallest height measurement on your Quote Form. Check out our How To Measure Video below for a walk through demonstration and more information: You do not need to make any deductions to your measurements. A standard deduction of 1/8” total is taken from both the width and height to allow for the unit to fit into it’s opening properly. You can also choose a larger deduction or none at all if you prefer. Just let us know when submitting your quote request.

Quote Request

Now that you have measured each of your openings, it is time to submit your quote request. You can call our office with your measurements for an over the phone quote (855-777-9987), Email ( or FAX (855-777-9987) your completed Quote Request Form to our staff or you can submit an request for quote using our online quote request form.

Once our staff has received your quote request, we will respond via your preferred method (E-mail, FAX, Phone, Postal Mail). Quote requests received during normal business hours are typically quoted and responded to within the hour. Quote requests received after hours are answered by the start of the next business day.

Your quote will include all taxes, fees, and shipping costs to give you a true, final price for your windows.


After you have received your quote, simply let us know that you would like to move forward with your order and we will send you an Order Confirmation Page via E-mail for your approval.

Your Order Confirmation Page allows you to review your order and authorize it’s production. You will need to E-sign and return the Order Confirmation Page before your order can begin the manufacturing process.

Once you have E-signed your Order Confirmation page, an automatic request for payment will be generated and E-mailed to you. This link will allow to you check out online using a credit/debit card or via a PayPal account. You can also call our office to check out over the phone using a credit/debit card if you prefer. Over the phone check out is only available during normal business hours.

After completing checkout, your order will be submitted to production! A projected shipdate will become available around the ½ point of the production cycle (approx. 6 business days from the order date) which will automatically be E-mailed to you.

Once your order has shipped from the factory (approx. 12 business days from the order date) a tracking number will be generated and emailed to you to allow you to follow your order’s progress from the factory to your home.


We are partnered with Con-Way Freight who will deliver your order to your home. Con-Way will contact you to schedule a delivery appointment once your order has reached your local Con-Way Freight hub. You can also contact them beforehand using the provided tracking number and contact information that is sent to you upon the shipment of your order.

How To Clean

Check out our Eze Breeze Vinyl Cleaner here!

Warranty Info

Eze-Breeze® windows are a great way to extend the life of your porch. We hope that this guide has answered questions you may have about the product itself and how to best utilize it on your own porch. For more questions or a quick quote, feel free to contact us by phone (855-777-9987) or E-mail (

Thank you for your interest in Eze-Breeze® Sunrooms!


Inside Mount VS Outside Mount

Inside mount and Outside mount refer to how the window is installed, whether from inside the room or outside of the room.

Outside mount is the recommended and standard installation method whenever possible with Inside Mount installations occurring when the outside of the porch is unreachable (elevated porches, balconies, etc) or you would like to keep your existing screens in place.

Minimum/Maximum Sizes:

Vertical 4 Track – Minimum of 12 inches wide to a maximum of 54 inches wide. Minimum of 24 inches tall and maximum of 113 inches tall.

Horizontal Slider – Minimum of 24 inches wide to a maximum of 96 inches wide. Minimum of 24 inches tall to a maximum of 96 inches tall

Cabana Door – Minimum door size is 22 inches wide by 48 tall. Maximum of 44 inches wide by 96 inches tall (double doors available by request).

United Inch Definition – The sum of the length and width of a window, each in inches.