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How Much Do Eze Breeze Windows Cost?

For the majority of homeowners, cost is a considerable factor in deciding whether or not to remodel their porch. When homeowners ask us about the cost of Eze Breeze windows, we tell them it depends. Eze Breeze windows are entirely customizable and can be sized to fit your space.


Smaller Windows vs. Fewer Windows

Eze Breeze Window costs depend on a variety of factors; the top factor is quantity and size of the windows. All of our windows are priced according to the dimensions. Smaller windows are less expensive than larger windows. However, it is sometimes more cost effective to go with fewer, larger windows than a large number of smaller windows. For example, eight 24 inch wide windows will cost a lot more than four 48 inch wide windows. If you are interested in finding the most cost effective design for your porch, call us and one of our Eze Breeze Window experts will be happy to talk with you.

Upgrading Your View

Do you like looking at your backyard? If you answered yes to this seemingly simple questions, then you may be interested in upgrading your view with BetterVue Screens.  BetterVue Screens are offered as an upgrade and typically cost between $200-$400 depending on the size and quantity of your windows. You will undoubtedly love the clear view of your backyard if decide BetterVue Screens are for you!


Purchase Vinyl Over Glass

Eze Breeze windows are a 3-season room product made from 10-mil vinyl. You will have the look and functionality of glass at about a third of the cost. An average glass room costs $11,000 compared to an Eze Breeze room which costs about $2,700.

Don’t Pay Extra For Color

It does not cost extra to have a different color frame or have a tint added to the vinyl.

Standard screens are also included free of charge.

The Size of Your Cabana Door

Factor into the Eze Breeze price whether or not you need an Eze Breeze Cabana Door to go along with your windows. Our cabana doors do have stock sizes options: 36″ x 80″ or 32″ x 80.” Staying within the standard sizes will help significantly reduce your cost. Custom sized doors can be very expensive. Keep in mind that we can add in fixed transoms to fill the space above your door.

Do-It- Yourself

Because Eze Breeze Windows are so easy to install, you can save thousands of dollars by doing it yourself and not paying for a contractor. Even though it may seem intimidating to some homeowners, we are here to help you in any way we can with the process. See for yourself how easy the window systems are to install with our How-To videos.

We are always happy to discuss different design ideas and options with you to help you create a room that is beautiful and within your budget! Give us a call at 855-777- 9987 or email us at diyezebreeze@gmail.com.

Nationwide Contractor Network

Ready to enclose your porch but don't want to do it yourself?

We can help!

We have worked with many different contractors across the country and would be happy to connect you to professional installers in your area who can assist with your installation.

Give us a call today at 855-777-9987 to find an installer near you!

Happy New Year From DIY Eze Breeze!

Happy New Year from all of us here at DIYEzeBreeze.com!

Thank you for your support and patronage throughout 2015.

Lots of folks submitted pictures of their finished rooms to us throughout the year, and we have gathered some of the best below:





































fowler after





























Thank you for all of your support, and we look forward to a prosperous 2016!

Screen Porch Kits From DIY Eze Breeze

A screen porch kit will help you maximize your outdoor space.

An open air porch is a great way to experience the outdoors without having to venture too far from your home.

However, consider the amount of time that you are unable to use your porch.  All of the days where it is too hot, or too cold, too rainy, too windy, too many bugs, too much pollen, too much dust, etc.

Mother Nature prevents you from getting the most out of your space!

Screen Porch Kit From DIY Eze BreezeAn Eze Breeze screen porch kit keeps Mother Nature at bay by combining both screens (for the bugs) and vinyl panels (for the wind, rain, and pollen) into one amazing screen porch window system.

These screen porch kits allow you to control the ventilation of your porch by simply opening or closing the vinyl panels of the Eze Breeze window.  Imagine being able to use your porch year round, and not having the weather dictate the amount of time you get to spend on your porch!

The panels used in this window system are as beautiful and clear as glass, but not nearly as heavy (or expensive)!

Get the benefits of a glass sunroom for 1/3 the cost!

Custom made to fit your space, screen porch kits by DIY Eze Breeze are an easy to install and even easier to use solution to the drawbacks of a traditional screen porch.

For more information and a free quote, visit our Eze Breeze 101 page today!

Don’t Screen It, Eze Breeze It!

A screen porch has been a long-standing staple of American culture.

It’s the room where people drink their morning coffee or an evening nightcap. It’s the room where children play, pets roam and guests are entertained.

The traditional method of screening a porch has remained the same for hundreds of years – small tacks or staples used to attach the screening to the porch posts and railings. Not only is this a labor-intensive method, but also, screens installed this way develop noticeable sags after a few months.

So, why screen it when you can EzeBreeze it? EzeBreeze windows are easy to install and provide up to 75% ventilation. Most folks looking to install these windows themselves are typically retrofitting an existing screen or open-air porch. They are tired of the wind, rain, bugs, pollen, dirt, dust and the rest of the outdoors invading their living space. At the same time, they are comfortable enough with construction tolls and materials to handle the installation of the windows on their own and do not need to hire any professional help to complete the project. By “doing it yourself” you save time and money on your project.

Plus, EzeBreeze windows come with a 10-year warranty, meaning, there should not be any sags in the screens or dents in the vinyl for at least 10 years – the same cannot be said for a screen porch.

It’s time to embrace the latest staple of American culture with a luxurious DIY EzeBreeze room.

Comfortable Cook Outs!

Summer is a time notorious for cookouts, cocktails and company. As every good

host knows the most unwanted guests, at any outdoor function, are insects and

pollen. Keep out those pesky guests before they even arrive by enclosing your porch

with DIY EzeBreeze Windows. DIY EzeBreeze Windows are an affordable, low

maintenance and more durable alternative for glass windows.

Jared Q., the most recent satisfied DIY EzeBreeze Window customer, attests that the

windows are “very easy to install and look fantastic!” Check out the finished product

of his porch conversion below:







It’s fully equipped with Vertical 4-Track EzeBreeze Windows, a Cabana door and

BetterVue screens! This durable enclosure is sure to keep out those pesky cookout

intruders; Insects and pollen have met their match with the durability of DIY

EzeBreeze Windows and BetterVue screens.

Don’t let the summer season and comfortable cookouts slip between your grasp!

Contact us for a free DIY EzeBreeze Windows quote before any more pollen and

insects take seats at your cookout table.

Another Beautiful Eze Breeze Room!

We received these photos from another happy Eze Breeze Customer. Here is a picture of the room before when it was just a screened in porch:


Here is a picture of the room after the Eze Breeze Windows were installed:

fowler after

Here is an interior view of the room:

folwer (1)

To get a quote on your Eze Breeze windows, contact us now!



Gorgeous New Eze Breeze Room

Check out the before and after images from one of our customers who purchased Eze Breeze Windows. This Eze Breeze room utilizes white vertical four track windows, a cabana door and a fixed panel as a transom above the cabana door. What a transformation!

Here is what the room looked like before:



Here is room after is has been completed. Such a difference!



Eze Breeze Popular As Wind Break In California

Folks all over the country have discovered the many advantages of Eze Breeze windows, including keeping out the dust, dirt, bugs, rain, and pollen.

In California, however, people don’t the same issues of rain and bugs that East coasters may have.  The weather there is typically gorgeous!

Wind gusts can be disruptive though, and Californians have typically used things such as vinyl curtains or Plexiglas panels to keep the wind at bay.  But these solutions are expensive and require the panels to essentially be installed and uninstalled whenever you would like to ventilate the space.

Eze Breeze fixed panels and removable vents are an easy, and affordable way to keep out strong wind gusts, without having to go through the hassle of putting up heavy, expensive plexiglass panels or vinyl curtains!

Give us a call today for a free quote: 855-777-9987