Vertical 4-track windows are custom made to fit almost any space and look great in floor-to-ceiling applications.

Consisting of 4 individual “vents” or panels, that slide up and down on individual tracks, Vertical 4-track windows complement the style of any home.

Vertical Four-Track panels offer 75% ventilation, but all 4 panels can be removed while leaving the screens in place, for 100% airflow.

By far the most popular style of Eze Breeze window, the Vertical 4-track unit is as beautiful as it is versatile.

Vertical 4-track window options:

my_awesome_gifEqual vents with option for an unequal top or bottom vent

4, 3, or 2 vent options

Outside or Inside mount frame

Factory rolled screen in frame

For more examples please see our Gallery


Please see our video on How the Eze Breeze Vertical Four Track Window Operates for more information