Eze Breeze Reviews from DIYEzeBreeze.com customers.

Greg G. – Maryland:

We have already used our porch more this Spring than we have probably used it in the last 3 years – no kidding.  Due to the amount of trees we have around, we were always having to clean it on Friday night if we wanted to use it on the weekends and couldn’t have any impromptu guests to just show up and walk out and sit comfortably on the porch without me thinking about putting out cushions, hoping we wouldn’t all track in pollen, etc.

Not to mention the driving rains – no more!  We close the windows every night and with a nice ceiling fan installed, we can crack a few on each side and quickly cool it off and go out anytime we want – simply awesome!!!  We are avid birdwatchers and it has become our favorite room in the house!!  Everything you did was very helpful – including taking multiple calls from my installer who also said you were great!

Thanks so much!

Denny F. – Minnesott Beach, NC:

Horizontal-Slider-Outside-ViewWe had nothing but great service, from our visit to the Wilmington, NC show room, to the delivery of the windows on the date we requested.  The windows (8 of them , all were different sizes) were on the money and fit as order.  I installed them and had no problems with the units. We are very happy with the weather adjustability that the windows give us.  Also a “Thank you”, to Caison Craver for the great customer service.

Xingzi X. – Chappaqua, NY:

Eze-Breeze is an excellent choice!  It gives us the 3 season room we wanted with a great view of our backyard.  It has performed well in the last rainstorm and we are very happy with it.  The sales person was very helpful.  Thank you Eze-Breeze!

Carole S. – Bethesda, MD:

I am a builder in Maryland and have used DIYEzebreeze in a number of houses.  The owners love it and it makes it so much nicer on the porch.  They can close the porch in if the weather is bad – snow, high pollen count, high humidity, etc, and they can stack the panels up so easily.

When I first saw it installed at a friends house, I loved the look of how the panels stack up on top of each other — really attractive.  Then my real estate agent mentioned that he could market the house as having a THREE SEASON porch.  This has impressed buyers.

We had one VERY wealthy buyer and we showed him DIY Eze-Breeze installed at another house.  We gave him the choice of having it installed on his porch or having glass windows/doors and he chose the DIY Eze-Breeze system.
I should add, that the first house I installed it at, I obtained the panels from a company in Florida.  It  was like pulling teeth to get a response, info on measuring, a quote, etc.  They were VERY unresponsive.  But after I saw how much I and others liked it, I searched around till I found DIYEzebreeze.  Caison Craven is so on the ball it is unbelievable!  He responded almost immediately to my every request and question and is so knowledgeable, professional and friendly.  It is now in my budget to have at every house I build.  Thank you DIYEzebreeze!

 Lou – Vero Beach, FL:

Horizontal-Slider-Inside-View-With-Christmas-TreeWe are very pleased with our purchase of DIY Eze-Breeze windows.  It took us a year to decide just how we wanted to enclose our lanai and the people at DIY Eze-Breeze were always there to help us and answer our questions.  Once we decided, the order was processed very quickly.  The windows arrived just as requested and were packaged very carefully.  We installed them with the aid of a local handyman that we knew and he was also very impressed with the quality of the windows.  We are now enjoying the room that is cooled and heated with portable AC/Heat Pump units. Thank you DIY Eze-Breeze for helping us add such a wonderful room to our home.

 Ray…In East Tennessee:

I would like to say my experience with DYI Eze-Breeze was most satisfying. I sent my photos and measurements in and within a week I had a firm quote and drawings to approve. Once I received the windows I personally installed them myself, including the door, and I think it took me around 6 hours since I didn’t have a helper. The only problem I had was finding good quality white wood screws….I would suggest DYI include the screws as part of the package !!!!!

We are now in early Dec and I’m amazed at how warm the room is even though the windows aren’t insulated; on really cold days a small infra red heater does the trick for us here in East Tennessee.

I highly recommend this window system and the folks at DYI.

Bernie L – Winnipeg, Manitoba:

We installed Eze-Breeze windows last summer in our cottage and I can honestly tell you that they could not be easier to install. I simply ran a bead of silicone around my window opening and then screwed it to the brickmold and that’s it. Our cottage is located on Lake of the Woods (northern Minnesota) where it can get quite cool during the autumn months but we found that our new windows did a great job keeping the cold and wind out while keeping the heat from our heaters in. We don’t use our place during the winter but I am confident that if we wanted to, the windows  could easily do the job. Overall we are very pleased. Thanks.

Deb Rogers – Park Rapids, MN:


My brother and a friend installed my 10 large Eze-Breeze windows to enclose my screened porch this summer.  It took them less than 5 hours to complete the whole thing and this was their first time installing Eze-Breeze!  It went great with few complications and I LOVE them.  The people at Eze-Breeze were great to work with, too.  With my space heater I was also able to enjoy the room in the fall.

 Dave and Rose – Landisville, PA:

From our very first communication with Caison, up until the Eze-Breeze windows were delivered to our home, we found your customer service was far more than we expected. We installed the Eze-Breeze windows ourselves with ease. Not only are the Eze-Breeze windows very attractive, function well, and are simple to operate. They’ll extend the time we spend on our porch by more than triple.

S. Betancourt – New York, NY:

I love the extra space I gained from enclosing my screen porch with these Eze-Breeze windows. My partner and I do a lot of entertaining and the ezebreeze room has really opened up our available space!  It’s great to have an outdoor space that I don’t have to spend a lot of my precious time dusting before guest come.  My plants love it!

Harley C. – Ocean City, NJ:


Magical transformation.  Installation was a breeze.  We’re very happy customers.  Already recommended them to two of our neighbors who intend to purchase them as well.  Here are before and after pictures of a very tired and water logged 10×10 porch, raised up to first floor height and expanded to 10×14 with fabulous Eze-Breeze Windows.  Located on the Jersey Shore and done “post-sandy” damage, these windows have really made a difference in my elderly parents quality of life. They live on their new porch rain or shine, big screen HDTV included.

F. Brechisci – Chicago, IL:

Our patio enclosure with Eze-Breeze sliding panels gives us more living area and more opportunity to enjoy the climate here. They work great here in Chicago, as we have some cold winters where I wasn’t able to use my porch, and the Eze-Breeze windows help to protect us from the chill and the wind! I’m glad I took advantage of their August promotion and received a free Duraflame fireplace for the room. The people at DIY Eze-Breeze were very helpful throughout the whole process. We received delivery as promised and had them installed in a day! I am looking forward to many cozy hours on my Eze-Breeze porch and would highly recommend DIY Eze-Breeze to all!

Deb T. – Philadelphia, PA:

My brother and a friend installed my 10 large Eze-Breeze windows to enclose my screened porch on July 7th. It took them less than 5 hours to complete the whole thing and this was their first time installing Eze-Breeze! It went great with few complications and I LOVE them. The people at Eze-Breeze were great to work with, too.  I have included photos of the porch before, during and post installation.  Thanks so much.

Ron F. – Liberty Township, OH:

The screened in room turned out beautiful!! The installation was very simple with each window being different in size. We replaced regular screens with ezebreeze vertical bronze windows with the bronze tint. With the room facing west. The bronze tinted windows really helps filtering the sun in the evening. We love being able to close the windows on rainy, windy days. They also help keep the room from getting so dusty.But the best of all on nice weather days having the option to open the room up.The room has become a part of our everyday living space. We live in Ohio and we look forward to having a useable outdoor room well into November or December.

Sue in Vermont:

We had our windows installed last year in Vermont at a lake house where it can be very windy. Our area was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy – lots of heavy rain and wind and tons of tree branches down. We were dreading walking into the house, fully expecting there to be damage to our new Eze-Breeze room. But we were utterly astounded that the room was perfect. The windows stayed completely in place with the exception of a small pane that easily popped back into place. We were amazed! Also in the winter, when its freezing and people are outside ice fishing, we were shocked at how warm our room was. The windows helped retain heat from the sun and kept us very comfortable. We are just so tickled by our EzeBreeze room!

Jimmy L. – Crowley, LA:

We were originally going to have a local contractor build our 3 season room with EzeBreeze windows. However my wife did some research and found your website and discovered that we could do it ourselves. We watched the videos and it looked pretty easy. When we got a quote from DIY Eze-Breeze, it was half the cost of what the contractor was going to charge us. After our product arrived, two guys installed the whole room in about 4 hours. It was so easy and we saved a substantial amount of money. Everything was perfect our order was accurate and included all the screws and hardware we needed. It was so easy it was almost scary. My wife loves how easy they are to operate, and when the wife is happy, everyone is happy! Everything about these are great. We plan to use more ezebreeze windows for a future project.

Mark W. – Arnold, MD:

Everything went great no issues at all. Everything went smoothly. The installation was just as described. No snags in the process and the windows were a great fit.

Dennis D. – Denver, CO:

It’s been awesome. It’s exactly what we were hoping it would be. It’s perfect and we get lots of compliments on the material. The service was great and the process was easy. My dogs scratch at it all the time and its holding up great!

Cliff S. – Raleigh, NC:

We love our room with Eze-Breeze windows.  We can enjoy the outdoors without the bugs in the summer. With the panels closed, we can sit in comfort even when the weather turns colder. Our patio enclosure with Eze-Breeze sliding panels gives us more living area and more opportunity to enjoy the climate here.  We are super stoked about the Eze-Breeze products. Installation was easy and all the units fit and work flawlessly. I’m really glad we were able to opt into doing this ourselves because it’s really not a challenge for anyone with moderate construction experience who is willing to be careful about measuring :-). Appreciate your support along the way.

Mark & Madison W. – Charlotte, NC:

Eze-Breeze is a wonderful product. Will definitely be recommending these windows to friends and family. Thanks for all of your help!

Sue & David M. – Poultney, VT:

David & I just want to thank you for your assistance & patience in our Eze-Breeze window order. You have been wonderful! We were so impressed with your honesty. Whatever you said, it was done! Conway was just as great. Davie, the driver, was a very sweet man. Conway kept in contact with us through out the delivery process. To say we were thrilled is a total understatement. The Eze-Breeze windows look great too! This is the very first time we have ever ordered anything of this money amount without actually seeing it in person.  You did not let us down.  God bless you!

Pete M. – Neosho, MO:

I received my Eze-Breeze Windows on 6/14 and installed them over the past weekend. I am very pleased with them and had no trouble with the installation.

Roberta C. – Plymouth WI:

Love the Eze-Breeze Windows !!!!

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